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Are you interested in enrolling in a certificate or degree program at RCC?  If so, you must first apply for admission.  To apply online, please click here.  We encourage all applicants to apply online, for free.  To apply in-person, you can visit... Read more
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International Admissions Guide

Please complete the application for admissions and return it to the Enrollment Center promptly along with the required documentation. In order to process your I-20 in a timely manner, it is very important that you answer all questions on the application and return it at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the desired semester.

DEADLINE: International Student Application needs to be completed and submitted to the Enrollment Center by the deadlines indicated below. If you are applying for: January, the deadline is NOVEMBER 4 September, the deadline is JULY 2 International Students may transfer within 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester. However, the student must be in Good Standing with a Valid F-1 Student Visa.


  1. Complete and sign the Admissions Application and I-20 Application (Be sure to select only one Academic Program (Major) on the application.
  2. Submit a $35.00 application fee (U.S. Money order only).
  3. All students must complete High School Self-Certification Form. College transcript must be evaluated and approved by a foreign educational agency and NOT translated.
  4. Submit an Affidavit of Support (I-134) or a notarized letter from your sponsor.
  5. Submit a current Certified official bank letter showing a minimum of $20,000.00 US dollars in the bank account to cover total educational and living expenses for one year.
  6. Submit proof of immunization.
  7. Complete the I-901 and follow the instructions on www.fmjfee.com
  8. If you are already in the United States and a Non-Immigrant (F-1 status), with a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20AB) from another school or college, you must submit a copy of the I-20AB issued to you from your current institution and a copy of the Transfer Evaluation form.

International Student Application Package

Click here to download the International Student Package.

Any question, please contact Gloria Castro.
GCastro@rcc.mass.edu or (617) 708-3737
Roxbury Community College
Enrollment Center
1234 Columbus Ave
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120

Forms for International Students

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