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Construction Updates

Construction Overview

In April 2016, Roxbury Community College formally celebrated the start of our $72,500,000 campus construction project, funded by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). This project is scheduled to run from August 8, 2016 - Summer 2018. The renovations planned for our campus will address the infrastructure updates required for the College's long-term success. Both Roxbury Community College and our greater community will benefit from these campus-wide projects.

The construction project includes new elevators in Buildings 1-4. Building 1 (the Media Arts Center) will be equipped with a new cooling tower, and a new HVAC system. New lavatories will be installed on the 1st floor, and the stage will become handicap-accessible. Each floor of Building 3 will undergo renovations, and the building will be equipped with a new student common area, a new library, a new bookstore, a new academic support center, and upgraded science laboratories. Building 4 will be fully renovated and equipped with a new Allied Health Center, and a new Timothy Smith Community Computer Center. The renovations also include a campus-wide energy project, which comprises new lighting fixtures, a new campus-wide climate control system, and a solar canopy installation in Parking Lot 1.

During this construction period, we will continue to serve the community with rental space.  To formally request use of space at RCC, fill out the application form and return it to RCCscheduling@rcc.mass.edu.  

This web page will be updated frequently to reflect information on current construction projects, and will include information on building, classroom and parking lot closures resulting from the construction.  Please visit this page on a regular basis to review up-to-date information on our campus renovations. 

Each month, DCAMM produces a Workforce Diversity Update.  To view the March 2017 Minority and Women Owned Business Participation and Workforce Diversity Update, click here.  Questions and comments should be directed to Andre' E. Barbour at 617-422-5711 or abarbour@newvisioncdc.com.
If you have questions about the sub-contracting process or the hiring process for campus construction jobs, please contact Andre' E. Barbour, Workforce Development Coordinator, Quincy Geneva Housing Corporation. He can be reached via phone at 617-442-5711 or via email at abarbour@newvisioncdc.com.

Current Construction Projects

Renovations to Building 1 (Media Arts Center)

From Monday, January 2, 2017 – August 2017, Building 1 (the Media Arts Center) will be closed for renovations. These scheduled renovations include new elevators, new windows, the installation of new, ADA-compliant bathrooms on the 1st floor, and a new HVAC system.  The renovations also include making the Mainstage handicap-accessible.  Once the DCAMM-funded renovations are complete, RCC-funded renovations, which include a new sound system, lighting, seating, and carpeting, will commence.  Visit the Media Arts Center's Fundraising website to learn about how you can assist in our fundraising campaign. 

Renovations to Building 4 

From Monday, January 2, 2017 – August 2017, Building 4 will be closed for renovations.  During this closure, Building 4 will be transformed to include a new Allied Health Center and a new Timothy Smith Computer Laboratory.

Elevator Renovations - Building 2

Beginning on Monday, April 10, 2017, the elevator in Building 2 will be fully replaced.  During this replacement process, Building 2 will remain open; however, some administrative services will move.  The Enrollment Office will be temporarily located in Building 3 on the 1st floor, in the group study room of the Library. Representatives from the Business Office and Financial Aid Office will also be stationed in this temporary location, although their offices will remain open on the 2nd floor of Building 2.

Recently Completed Construction Projects

The campus energy project, which commenced in August 2016, is now complete!  Parking lot #1 is now equipped with a state-of-the-art solar canopy, new lighting, and plug-in stations for electric automobiles. The College is also benefiting from new geothermal wells, which were installed underneath lot #1, to provide additional clean energy to the College. An updated campus parking map is located below.

Map of Current Campus Parking 
RCC Parking Map