AD Nursing Program Requirements

Associate of Science in Nursing Program

Degree: Associate of Science
Major: Nursing

The associate of science degree in nursing is designed for students who seek careers as registered nurses. The program is designed to prepare graduates for the National Council Licensing Exam in Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN). The program articulates with many baccalaureate nursing programs for graduates desiring further nursing education. There are pre-requisite courses that must be completed before a student can be accepted to the associate degree nursing program. Satisfactory completion of pre-requisite courses does not guarantee admission to the program.

The pre-requisite courses include:
- Math 099 eligible
- English Composition I (ENG 101)
- General Psychology (SSI 122)
- Anatomy and Physiology I (SCI 201)

The associate degree nursing program admits approximately 40 students to a full-time day program each September and a smaller cohort of students to an evening full-time program every January. Potential nursing students are urged to complete as many general education requirements as possible before beginning the nursing clinical sequence, including Anatomy and Physiology II, English Composition II, Human Growth and Development. Call the Assessment and Placement Office at 617 427-0060, extension 5138, for information about CLEP exams, college placement tests, and nursing admissions exam.

The nursing faculty offers group advising sessions every month for students interested in the nursing programs. Contact the Health Sciences Division at 617 541 5313 for the times and locations of these meetings.

Advanced placement for Licensed Practical Nurses is available. Please contact the Health Sciences Division, AD Nursing Program Coordinator, for details.

Criminal Offense Record Information (C.O.R.I.)
Admission to the nursing clinical program does not guarantee clinical placement. Prior to beginning clinical practice, students will be required to submit CORI/SORI requests. The outcome of the C.O.R.I. may impact the student’s ability to participate in the clinical experience.

Program Requirements

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing 2010-2011

Nursing Prerequisites ***

10 credits


MAT 099 eligible



3 credits

ENG 101

English Composition I


3 credits

SSI 122

General Psychology**


4 credits

SCI 201

Anatomy and Physiology I *






Nursing Clinical Sequence

60 credits


First Semester:

 19 credits

9 credits

ADN 150

Foundations of Nursing


4 credits

SCI 202

Anatomy and Physiology II


3 credits

ENG 102

English Composition II


3 credits

SSI 209

Human Growth and Development



Second Semester:

 15 credits

11 credits

ADN 151

Nursing in Health and Illness I


4 credits

SCI 204




Third Semester:

 13 credits

10 credits

ADN 252

Nursing in Health and Illness II


3 credits


(i.e.,HUM,SCI, MAT-100 level or above)



Fourth Semester:

 13 credits

10 credits

ADN 253

Nursing Across the Life Span


3 credits

ADN 254

Issues in Professional Nursing







70 Credits


* See RCC’s course catalogue for a full description of courses and a list of prerequisites. College Biology II is the prerequisite to A&P I. Microbiology also has pre-requisite courses.

** Enrollment in or successful completion of English Composition is pre-requisite to General Psychology at Roxbury Community College.

Nursing courses are sequential. The successful completion of each course is a pre-requisite for the next level course.

***The program requires a specific admission exam (TEAS exam) as part of the nursing admissions criteria. Pre-requisite course work should be completed or in the process of completion prior to taking this exam.

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