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PN Certificate Program Requirements

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Practical Nursing Certificate Program

Certificate: Practical Nursing

The practical nursing certificate program is designed for students who seek careers as licensed practical nurses. The program is designed to prepare graduates for the National Council Licensing Exam in Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN). There are pre-requisite courses that must be completed before a student can be accepted to the practical nursing program. Satisfactory completion of pre-requisite courses does not guarantee admission to the program.

The program requirements include:

  • MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics eligible - pre- or co-requisite
  • SCI 201 Anatomy and Physiology
  • ENG 101 English Composition I
  • SSI 122 General Psychology
  • SSI 209 Human Growth and Development 

Program Sequence

1st semester

NUR 103 Foundations of Nursing 8 credits (lecture, lab, simulation, clinical)
NUR 105 Role of the Nurse 1 1 credit
NUR 110 Pharmacology for Nursing 1 2 credits (lab)
SCI 202 Anatomy & Physiology II (general college) 4 credits (lab, lecture)
Total Credits: 15

2nd semester

NUR 200 Medical-Surgical Nursing 1 8 credits (lecture, lab, simulation, clinical)
NUR 201 Biobehavioral (Mental) Health 3 credits
NUR 120 Pharmacology for Nursing 2 1 credit
SCI 204 Microbiology 4 credits (lab, lecture)
Total Credits: 16

3rd semester

PNC 202 Maternity Child health 4 credits (lecture, lab, simulation, clinical)
PNC 203 PN Capstone 4 credits (lab, lecture)
NUR 230 Pharmacology for Nursing 3 1 credit 
Total Credits: 9

The program requires a specific admission exam (TEAS exam) as part of the nursing admissions criteria. Pre-requisite course work should be completed or in the process of completion prior to taking this exam.