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Radiologic Technology Mission and Goals


In collaboration with the mission statement of Roxbury Community College:
The Radiologic Technology Program prepares students for evidence-based practice in a rapidly changing, diverse health care environment supported by quality clinical facilities and instruction and a strong core curriculum in general education.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will demonstrate competence in performing entry level medical radiography procedures.

  • Students will position patients successfully to produce desired images.
  • Students will efficiently, safely, and accurately position patients for exams.
  • Students will provide appropriate patient care as determined by their level in the program.
  • Students will demonstrate proper use of technical parameters appropriate to their level.

Goal 2: Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Students will demonstrate responsibility/critical thinking at the clinical site.
  • Graduates will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills appropriately in the work environment.
  • Graduates are satisfied with their training and can meet the needs of the community.

Goal 3: Students/ Graduates will actively participate in professional development and life-long learning activities.

  • First year students demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting.
  • All students demonstrate professionalism in the clinical setting.
  • Senior students will have developed an appreciation for advanced education as part of the HLT 270 Topics course.
  • Graduates will demonstrate a dedication to professional growth and development.

Goal 4: Students/ Graduates will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

  • Students explain upcoming procedures and examinations professionally.
  • Students demonstrate proper explanations of procedures and examinations professionally.
  • Senior students demonstrate competence in writing professional research paper.
  • Graduates will demonstrate competence in communicating with patients, peers, and staff members.