Computer Terminology

Basic Computer Terms – A great list of basic computer terms you may need to know in order to communicate effectively with someone about a technical problem.


Glossary of Computer Terms

Webopedia – An online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions.


Computer Maintenance

PC System Care Guide – A preventive maintenance routine is critical to ensuring that you have a reliable system that performs at top efficiency year after year. Explore this web site to see how to begin.


Top 7 Windows Antivirus


Top 6 Standalone Spyware Scanners

AVG Anti-Virus – A free anti-virus software package

McAfee Virus Scan – This software guards your computer and files against viruses, spyware and intrusion, stopping hackers automatically.

Norton AntiVirus Software – This software detects and removes viruses and spyware, blocks spyware automatically, and prevents virus-infected emails from spreading.

Symantic Security Response list - Provides you with a wealth of information on viruses, blended threats, security risks and vulnerabilities.


Before you forward that email, check out these sites!

Truth or Fiction – is that forwarded email story about a new cancer or cell phones true? Check it out first.

Snoops.com – A great resource to illuminate urban legends, common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items that travel by email.


General Questions

Ask.com – Ask a question (about anything)!