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Login Help/RCC MyID

Students will have only one username and password for use with MyRCC / E-Learning and Pharos. Email and Moodle will have the same username but the password will be different. We are working toward only one username and password for everything.

Student Username Format

Student username will be first initial, middle initial (if applicable), last name. Your username will be used to log in to MyRCC, Pharos, email, and Moodle.Student Username are made up of the first initial followed by middle initial (if provided) and then last name

  • example: John J. Smith = jjsmith (all lower case and nospaces)
  • example: Jane J. Smith = jjsmith1 (in case of duplicate, a number will be added incrementally)
  • example: Jane Smith = jsmith (if no middle initial provided)

There is a default password to be used the first time you log in to your MyRCC account. The default password is:

  • The first 4 digits of your student number
  • The last 2 digits of your birth year
  • The first initial of your first name (upper case)
  • The first initial of your last name (lower case)

example: John J. Smith
student ID #: 118123
birth year: 1987
password = 118187Js

Password Reset Tool

RCC MyID is a web-based application which enables you to reset your Network password or unlock your account for the following systems on campus:

  • MyRCC / E-Learning
  • Pharos

To access RCC MyID:

  1. Go to RCC MyID at https://myid.rcc.mass.edu
  2. Using the link above, log in with your RCC username and password.
  3. You will be asked to enroll, this process must be completed to be able to reset password or unlock account.
  4. When you choose to reset your password your MyRCC, Pharos and E-Learning password will be reset.

Student Email and Moodle passwords are not available through the RCC MyID web-based application.

Please Note: For new students it will take 24-48 hours after you are admitted to generate/ display your login information. RCC MyID Enroll process consists of choosing security questions.