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Destination: College

 This “Transition to Community College” program is offered to GED graduates by Roxbury Community College. It is funded by a grant from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Destination: College works with adult learners who have achieved their GED and wish to further their education. It is designed to provide individual support to GED graduates who are trying to make the transition to college-level work during their first year.

Destination: College helps adult learners:

  • Resolve any questions, concerns, or anxieties about attending college
  • Track progress by offering pre- and post- testing
  • Choose a degree or certificate program
  • Apply for admission and financial aid
  • Take advantage of academic advising and follow up support services

The program offers:

  • 4 free college classes
  • Transferable credits to a degree program
  • Flexible class schedules that allow for multiple points of entry (fall and spring)
  • Learning cohorts
  • Access to dedicated coordinator
  • Full access to college resources (library, learning centers, athletic center, etc.)

4 FREE classes:

Students enrolled in the Destination: College program are eligible to receive 4 free classes:

  1. College Experience - students become familiar with the college's resources and develop the skills necessary to succeed at the college level
  2. Intro to Computers - students take a basic computer class in which they acquire the technology skills needed for their college career
  3. English – level determined by assessment
  4. Math – level determined by assessment

The Roxbury Community College Transitions Program is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education as a
transition-to-college experience for students who were formerly participants in MA DOE funded Adult Basic Education Programs.
The Destination: College coordinator plays a crucial role in enabling student success by:

  • Serving as counselor/advisor to students in the program
  • Assisting students in creating an Individualized Education and Career Plan which aligns with students’ interests, abilities and skills
  • Providing appropriate support and guidance to students in meeting their educational goals
  • Coordinating college admission, course selection and registration
  • Assisting student to navigate the financial aid processes
  • Assisting student in exploring various education and career options
  • Facilitating study groups that reinforce classwork
  • Ensuring that students receive all available information about financial aid and scholarship programs


In order to be eligible for Destination: College, you must

  • have passed the GED/HiSET
  • have been enrolled in a DESE funded Adult Basic Education, GED/HiSET, or ESOL program
  • have a Social Security Number
  • have photo ID
  • be a Massachusetts resident
  • be an American citizen or have a permanent residency status
  • demonstrate the ability to read and do Math at a level as determined by a standardized assessment

Note: A limited number of spaces may be granted to non-DESE students.

How to Apply:

Contact Information:
Coordinator, Destination: College
Room 207-E
Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
(617) 933-7447

Marissa Gaskin
Coordinator, Destination: College – 3-207
Roxbury Community College
1234 Columbus Avenue
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120