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Faculty and Staff Directory (with new phone numbers)

We are in the process of updating our phones at RCC!

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Main Numbers for Departments

DepartmentPhone Number
EMERGENCY 857-701-1310
Academic and Student Affairs  857-701-1270
Advising 857-701-1224
Athletics 857-701-1711
Bookstore (Follett) 857-701-1340
Business Office  857-701-1250
Corporate and Community Education 857-701-1600
Dining (Rebecca's) 857-701-1320
Enrollment Center  857-701-1200
Facilities 857-701-1670
Financial Aid  857-701-1220
Library 857-701-1380
Nursing Department 857-701-1645
Print & Copy Center 857-701-1330
Human Resources  857-701-1290
President's Office  857-701-1280
Public Safety  857-701-1310
Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 857-701-1700
Testing Center 857-701-1400


Last Name First Name New Phone Number Department Current Room Email
Adedeji Babatunde 617-427-0060 x5102 Business   badedeji@rcc.mass.edu
Agwu-Igbani Rosalind 617-427-0060 x5104 Computer Science   ragwuigbani@rcc.mass.edu
Akhter Farida 617-427-0060 x5101 STEM   fakhter@rcc.mass.edu
Alford Aqueelah 857-701-1260 Business Office 3-533H aalford@rcc.mass.edu
Amado Paris 857-701-1210 Enrollment 3-219 pamado@rcc.mass.edu
Amini Ali 617-427-0060 x5103 STEM   aamini@rcc.mass.edu
Andreottola Alfonsina 857-701-1468 Business 3-418 aminch@rcc.mass.edu
Anidi Dominic 617-427-0060 x5105 STEM   danidi@rcc.mass.edu
Anilus Binslas 857-701-1351 STEM 3-501E banilus@rcc.mass.edu
Anthony Yvonne 857-701-1238 Development Office 3-353D YAnthony@rcc.mass.edu
Antoine Varnel 617-427-0060 x5116 Business   vantoine@rcc.mass.edu
Aradom Tesfay 857-701-1503 Arts, Humanities & Social Science - Psych 3-205E taradom@rcc.mass.edu
Arocho Fontini 857-701-1201 Enrollment 3-219 farocho@rcc.mass.edu
Asare Alex 857-701-1352 STEM-Math 3-501B aasare@rcc.mass.edu
Atherley Valerie 857-701-1598 STEM-IT 3-431 vatherley@rcc.mass.edu
Atkinson Joyce 857-701-1411 Student Success 3-205G jatkinson@rcc.mass.edu
Aylmer Kevin 617-427-0060 x5113 Social Science   kaylmer@rcc.mass.edu
Bacchus Owen 857-701-1675 Facilities 4-105C obacchus@rcc.mass.edu
Baez Diaz Desireth 857-701-1291 Human Resources 3-455A DBaez@rcc.mass.edu
Ballard Lavonne 857-701-1270 Academic Affairs 3-205 lballard@rcc.mass.edu
Baranchuk Hanna 617-427-0060 x5123 Social Science   HBaranchuk@rcc.mass.edu
Barnes Michelle 857-701-1259 Administration & Finance 3-533C mbarnes@rcc.mass.edu
Beaumont Mark 617-427-0060 x5128 STEM STEM MBeaumont@rcc.mass.edu
Benford Shumeane 617-427-0060 x5114 Criminal Justice   sbenford@rcc.mass.edu
Berdjane Zineb 617-427-0060 x5115 STEM   zberdjane@rcc.mass.edu
Besdin Bonnie 617-427-0060 x5117 English/ESL   bbesdin@rcc.mass.edu
Black Andrew 617-427-0060 x5130 Assessment 3-217 ABlack@rcc.mass.edu
Black Susan 617-427-0060 x5118 English/ESL   sblack@rcc.mass.edu
Blythe Daveen 857-701-1517 STEM-Labs 3-433 dblythe@rcc.mass.edu
Bolte Priscilla 857-701-1642 Nursing 4-331 pbolte@rcc.mass.edu
Bondarenko Anna 617-427-0060 x5119 The Center for Workforce Development   ABondarenko@rcc.mass.edu
Botvinnik Yefim 617-427-0060 x5120 STEM   YBotvinnik@rcc.mass.edu
Breitenfeldt Jeffrey 857-701-1563 English/ESL 3-301A JBreitenfeldt@rcc.mass.edu
Brender Bruce 617-427-0060 x5121 STEM   bbrender@rcc.mass.edu
Brini Gabrielle 857-701-1514 STEM-Labs 3-405A GBrini@rcc.mass.edu
Brown Patricia 617-427-0060 x5135 English/ESL   pbrown@rcc.mass.edu
Brown Philip 857-701-1481 Business 3-417 pbrown1@rcc.mass.edu
Bryant Donald 857-701-1676 Facilities Mailroom dbryant@rcc.mass.edu
Bycinte Mario 857-701-1556 Information Technology 3-333 mbycinte@rcc.mass.edu
Bowen Mya 857-701-1353 STEM 3-432 mtbowen@rcc.mass.edu
Callender Neil 617-427-0060 x5124 English/ESL   ncallender@rcc.mass.edu
Cantor Elizabeth 617-427-0060 x5136 Academic Affairs   ECantor@rcc.mass.edu
Carey Leo 617-427-0060 x5137     lcarey@rcc.mass.edu
Carles Maria 617-427-0060 x5125 STEM   mcarles@rcc.mass.edu
Carter Lisa 857-701-1277 Project Access 3-201C lcarter@rcc.mass.edu
Castro Gloria 857-701-1204 Enrollment 3-219C gcastro@rcc.mass.edu
Caulfield Roni 857-701-1278 Student Success 3-127 RCaulfield@rcc.mass.edu
Cavalieri Shannon 857-701-1653 Radiology Technology 4-311E SCavalieri@rcc.mass.edu
Chatterton James 857-701-1268 Business Office 3-533J JChatterton@rcc.mass.edu
Chervinsky Kirsten 857-701-1651 Nursing 4-329 kchervinsky@rcc.mass.edu
Christopher Marcus 857-701-1422 Advising 3-424 mchristopher@rcc.mass.edu
Clifton Kaela 857-701-1480 Student Life 3-201E kclifton@rcc.mass.edu
Cojulun Joshua 857-701-1312 Public Safety 3-109 JCojulun@rcc.mass.edu
Coleman David 617-427-0060 x5153 Year Up   dcoleman@rcc.mass.edu
Commodore Chris 617-427-0060 x5126 English/ESL   ccommodore@rcc.mass.edu
Conradson Carol 617-427-0060 x5127 STEM   CConradson@rcc.mass.edu
Coveney Kira 617-427-0060 x5155 Year Up   Kpierce@rcc.mass.edu
Crary Joshua 857-701-1410 Accessibility Services 3-201A jcrary@rcc.mass.edu
Danquah Prince 617-427-0060 x5164 ESL/Language   pdanquah@rcc.mass.edu
Davis Erica 857-701-1712 Athletics   EDavis1@rcc.mass.edu
Davis-Eyene Mishawn 857-701-1243 Development 3-455D mdeyene@rcc.mass.edu
Deauna Jodel 617-427-0060 x5131 STEM   jdeauna@rcc.mass.edu
Dinh You 857-701-1674 Facilities 4-105A ydinh@rcc.mass.edu
Djordjevic Zorica 617-427-0060 x5134 STEM   zdjordjevic@rcc.mass.edu
Edmond Pierre 617-427-0060 x5170 Student Success   pedmond@rcc.mass.edu
Eells Richard 857-701-1355 STEM-Math 3-501D reells@rcc.mass.edu
Elmarsafawy Sahar 617-427-0060 x5138 STEM   selmarsafawy@rcc.mass.edu
English Andrew 857-701-1371 ESOL /Language 3-419 aenglish@rcc.mass.edu
Elkind Suzanne 857-701-1640 Nursing Faculty 4-333 selkind@rcc.mass.edu
Esfahani Monireh 857-701-1521 STEM 3-434 mesfah@rcc.mass.edu
Etienne Oscar 617-427-0060 x5171 Student Success   oetienne@rcc.mass.edu
Fanfanx Lerick 857-701-1222 Financial Aid 3-328 lfanfanx@rcc.mass.edu
Farias Stacy 857-701-1643 Radiologic Technology   sgosselin@rcc.mass.edu
Fateh Stella 617-427-0060 x5139 STEM   sfateh@rcc.mass.edu
Feldman Dena 857-701-1522 STEM/Broadcast Media 3-501F DFeldman@rcc.mass.edu
Fernandes Orland 617-427-0060 x5140 STEM   ofernandes@rcc.mass.edu
Garnits Irene 617-427-0060 x5142     igarnits@rcc.mass.edu
Gaskin Alfred 617-427-0060 x5143 STEM   agaskin@rcc.mass.edu
Ghaemghami Jalal 857-701-1502 Academic Technology 3-401A jghaemghami@rcc.mass.edu
Gomes Nilton 857-701-1482 English/ESL 3-301C ngomes@rcc.mass.edu
Gibbons Donald 617-427-0060 x5145 Humanities   dgibbons@rcc.mass.edu
Goncalves Crystal 857-701-1500 STEM 3-401 cgoncalves@rcc.mass.edu
Goncalves Lizette 857-701-1262 Business Office 3-533D lgonca@rcc.mass.edu
Gonnerman Wayne 617-427-0060 x5147 STEM   wgonnerman@rcc.mass.edu
Graham Ellen 617-427-0060 x5148 STEM   EGraham@rcc.mass.edu
Gray Rhonda 857-701-1561 English 3-332 rgray@rcc.mass.edu
Gray Sabrina 617-427-0060 x5150 Early Childhood Education   sgray@rcc.mass.edu
Green Pamela 857-701-1113 Media Arts 5-201 pgreen@rcc.mass.edu
Greene Barbara 617-427-0060 x5151 English/ESL   bgreene@rcc.mass.edu
Hagen-Snow Lise 857-701-1605 The Center for Workforce Development 4-102F lhagen@rcc.mass.edu
Hagood Keanna 857-701-1341 Bookstore 3-130 khagood@rcc.mass.edu
Halfkenny Natasha 617-427-0060 x5175 English   NHalfkenny@rcc.mass.edu
Hall Kenneth 857-701-1671 Facilities 4-105B khall@rcc.mass.edu
Hankins Simona 857-701-1637 Nursing 4-317 SHankins@rcc.mass.edu
Harris Michael 617-427-0060 x5154 Criminal Justice   mharris@rcc.mass.edu
Hart Sherman 857-701-1704 Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 5-201 shart@rcc.mass.edu
Harun Magan 857-701-1221 Financial Aid 3-328 MHarun@rcc.mass.edu
Henao Sandra 857-701-1263 Business Office 3-533 shenao@rcc.mass.edu
Hepner Kevin 857-701-1258 Administration and Finance 3-533G khepner@rcc.mass.edu
Hernandez Nancy 857-701-1350 Assessment 3-219 nhernandez@rcc.mass.edu
Hill Joanne 857-701-1560 English/ESL 3-301 JHill@rcc.mass.edu
Hines Ruth 857-701-1657 Health Services 4-313E rhines@rcc.mass.edu
Hirshman Cheryl 617-427-0060 x5181 Humanities 1-316 CHirshman@rcc.mass.edu
Ho Ming 617-427-0060 x5156 The Center for Workforce Development 4-102 mho@rcc.mass.edu
Hoag William 857-701-1386 Library 3-213 whoag@rcc.mass.edu
Horatius Sara 617-427-0060 x5157 Criminal Justice   shoratius@rcc.mass.edu
Howard-Harrell Michelle 857-701-1467 Early Childhood Education 3-324 MHARRE@rcc.mass.edu
Hussoin Mohammed 617-427-0060 x5159 STEM   mhussoin@rcc.mass.edu
Indelicato Joyce 617-427-0060 x5160 STEM   jindelicato@rcc.mass.edu
Intarabumrung Totsaporn 857-701-1385 Library 3-213 tintarabumrung@rcc.mass.edu
Ioannou Vasileios 617-427-0060 x5182 ESL/Language   VIoannou@rcc.mass.edu
Ivanov Milko 617-427-0060 x5161 STEM   mivanov@rcc.mass.edu
Ivanova Roumiana 617-427-0060 x5162 STEM   rivanova@rcc.mass.edu
Izuchi Ntohm 617-427-0060 x5163 STEM - IT   nizuchi@rcc.mass.edu
Jackson Frank 857-701-1702 Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center   fjackson@rcc.mass.edu
Jameson Seth 617-427-0060 x5165 English/ESL English/ESL sjameson@rcc.mass.edu
Janey Gerald 617-427-0060 x5166 STEM   gjaney@rcc.mass.edu
Jordan David 857-701-1707 Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center 5-201 DJordan@rcc.mass.edu
Jordan Neil 617-427-0060 x5168 STEM   njordan@rcc.mass.edu
Jordan Patricia 857-701-1264 Business Office 3-533F pjordan@rcc.mass.edu
Kalt Susan 857-701-1372 ESOL/Language 3-420 skalt@rcc.mass.edu
Khalid Rasheed 617-427-0060 x5172 STEM   rkhalid@rcc.mass.edu
King Patrick 617-427-0060 x5176 English/ESL English/ESL pking@rcc.mass.edu
Klimas Diana 617-427-0060 x5192 Social Science   DKlimas@rcc.mass.edu
Kume Risvald 617-427-0060 x5179     rkume@rcc.mass.edu
Laguna Jason 857-701-1506 Social Science 3-205B JLaguna@rcc.mass.edu
Laird Kristin 857-701-1505 STEM 3-401E klaird@rcc.mass.edu
Lake-Hart Valerie 857-701-1265 Business Office 3-533D vlakeh@rcc.mass.edu
Lalama Alexander 857-701-1491 English/ESL 3-301E alalama@rcc.mass.edu
Latif Nasreen 857-701-1597 Social Science 3-334 nlatif@rcc.mass.edu
Lavoie Jeffrey 617-427-0060 x5197     jlavoie@rcc.mass.edu
Lawler Victoria 857-701-1672 Facilities 4-105 vlawler@rcc.mass.edu
Lewis Christopher 857-701-1223 Financial Aid 3-328 clewis@rcc.mass.edu
Lewis Vanessa 857-701-1235 Marketing & Communications 3-353A vlewis@rcc.mass.edu
Lindsey Shanera 857-701-1722 Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 5-201 slindsey@rcc.mass.edu
Llanos Pablo 857-701-1390 Copy Center 3-125 pllanos@rcc.mass.edu
Lugo Francisco 857-701-1557 Information Technology 3-333 FLugo@rcc.mass.edu
Ma Dong 857-701-1354 STEM 3-501K DMa@rcc.mass.edu
Maguire Thomas 857-701-1542 Business   TMagui@rcc.mass.edu
Main 1 Security 857-701-1310 Public Safety 3-109
Mangini Janet 617-427-0060 x5185 Student Success   jmangini@rcc.mass.edu
Marcelin Carl 857-701-1292 Human Resources 3-455A cdmarcelin@rcc.mass.edu
Marcus William 617-427-0060 x5186 English/ESL   bmarcus@rcc.mass.edu
McColgan John 857-701-1356 STEM-Math 3-501G jmccolgan@rcc.mass.edu
McKenley Sherene 857-701-1276 Academic and Student Affairs 3-205 smckenley@rcc.mass.edu
Mebrate Sileshi 857-701-1638 Nursing 4-327 SAMebrate@rcc.mass.edu
Mejit Kaiser 617-427-0060 x5190 STEM   kmejit@rcc.mass.edu
Meshesha Mekonnen 617-427-0060 x5191 Social Science   MMeshesha@rcc.mass.edu
Minor Loretta 857-701-1424 Advising 3-201B LDAWAY@rcc.mass.edu
Mojica Ramon 617-427-0060 x5194 Social Science   rmojica@rcc.mass.edu
Mondesir Eno 617-427-0060 x5195 Social Science   emondesir@rcc.mass.edu
Monfared Mahdi 617-427-0060 x5196 Social Science   mmonfared@rcc.mass.edu
Morales Rosa 857-701-1393 Library 3-213 rmorales@rcc.mass.edu
Moulai Javad   STEM   JMoulai@rcc.mass.edu
Mtileni Gift 857-701-1266 Business Office 3-533F GMtileni@rcc.mass.edu
Mueller Justin 617-427-0060 x5201 Social Science   JMueller@rcc.mass.edu
Mulumba Jean-Pierre 617-427-0060 x5198 Social Science   jmulumba@rcc.mass.edu
Mungalsingh Janai 617-427-0060 x5212 Business   jmungalsingh@rcc.mass.edu
Murkison Monica 857-701-1650 Student Life 3-201 mmurkison@rcc.mass.edu
Muyanda-Mutebi Peter 617-427-0060 x5215 Social Science   pmuyanda-mutebi@rcc.mass.edu
Nebelitsky Eugene 617-427-0060 x5200 STEM   enebelitsky@rcc.mass.edu
Nichols Aneesa 857-701-1607 The Center for Workforce Development 4-102C anichols@rcc.mass.edu
Oboodiat Farideh 617-427-0060 x5202 Social Science   foboodiat@rcc.mass.edu
Occean Amerline 617-427-0060 x5203 STEM   aoccean@rcc.mass.edu
Odenwald Karla 617-427-0060 x5204     kodenwald@rcc.mass.edu
Odenwald Kurt 617-427-0060 x5205 English/ESL   kodenwald1@rcc.mass.edu
Onuoha Everest 857-701-1565 English/ESL 3-301B eonuoha1@rcc.mass.edu
Onwuka Sebastine 617-427-0060 x5209 STEM   sonwuka@rcc.mass.edu
Oroz Andres 857-701-1494 Student Life 3-201F AOroz@rcc.mass.edu
Ortiz Wendy 857-701-1647 Nursing 4-325 WOrtiz1@rcc.mass.edu
Owens Osazee 617-427-0060 x5217 Business   oowens@rcc.mass.edu
Park Joo 617-427-0060 x5210 Humanities   jpark@rcc.mass.edu
Payne-Thompson Jacquolyn 617-427-0060 x5211 Social Science   jpaynethompson@rcc.mass.edu
Petricko Mel 857-701-1396 Library 3-213 mpetricko@rcc.mass.edu
Petty Justin 857-701-1102 Broadcast Media 1-001A jpetty@rcc.mass.edu
Pina Salvador 857-701-1604 Advancement and Community Engagement 4-102A spina@rcc.mass.edu
Potasznik Amanda 617-427-0060 x5224 English/ESL   APotasznik@rcc.mass.edu
Potito Dominic 857-701-1293 Human Resources 3-455 DJPotito@rcc.mass.edu
Presley Kenneth 617-427-0060 x5213 STEM   kpresley@rcc.mass.edu
Print Copy 857-701-1330 Copy Center 3-125
Prospere Sabine 857-701-1553 Information Technology 3-333 sprospere@rcc.mass.edu
Pugh Judy 857-701-1284 Office of the President 3-455G jpugh@rcc.mass.edu
Rafuse Janet 857-701-1644 Radiology Technology 4-311E jrafuse@rcc.mass.edu
Rasheed Saleena 857-701-1716 RLTAC Athletics Office snrasheed@rcc.mass.edu
Reddrick Denise 857-701-1255 Business Office 3-533A DReddrick@rcc.mass.edu
Regner Cecile 857-701-1272 Institutional Effectiveness 3-501C CRegner@rcc.mass.edu
Reid Carl 617-427-0060 x5214 STEM   creid@rcc.mass.edu
Reyes Jennifer 857-701-1275 Academic Affairs 3-424 JReyes@rcc.mass.edu
Roach Barbara 617-427-0060 x5216 Student Success   broach@rcc.mass.edu
Roberson Valerie 857-701-1280 Office of the President 3-455E VRoberson@rcc.mass.edu
Rodas Jr. Cesar 617-427-0060 x5227 Business   CRodas@rcc.mass.edu
Rogers Kimberly 857-701-1273 Academic and Student Affairs 3-205C KRogers@rcc.mass.edu
Rollins Dustin 857-701-1126 Social Science 3-301F JRollins@rcc.mass.edu
Russakovsky Vladmir 617-427-0060 x5218 STEM   vrussakovsky@rcc.mass.edu
Sahlu Loulseged 857-701-1540 Social Science 3-435 lsahlu@rcc.mass.edu
Sanchez Pedro 857-701-1267 Business Office 3-125 psanchez@rcc.mass.edu
Sanon Sophia 857-701-1420 Student Life 3-201 ssanon@rcc.mass.edu
Santos Nancy 857-701-1232 Advancement and Community Engagement 3-353 nsantos@rcc.mass.edu
Santos Zeida 617-427-0060 x5228 ESOL/Language   zsantos@rcc.mass.edu
Sarkar Sibaji 617-427-0060 x5220 STEM   ssarkar@rcc.mass.edu
Satcher Mikel 617-427-0060 x5221 English/ESL   msatcher@rcc.mass.edu
Saucer Valerie 617-427-0060 x5222 Early Childhood Education 3-219 vsaucer@rcc.mass.edu
Sclar Cheryl 617-427-0060 x5223 Social Science   csclar@rcc.mass.edu
Scott Alyson 857-701-1395 Library 3-211E ascott@rcc.mass.edu
Scott Bernard 617-427-0060 x5242 Social Science   BScott@rcc.mass.edu
Selden Monique 857-701-1473 Psychology 3-205F MSelden@rcc.mass.edu
Sharpe Etteh Gilda 617-427-0060 x5225 Humanities   gsharpeetteh@rcc.mass.edu
Sheel Antonia 617-427-0060 x5132 Academic Affairs   ASheel@rcc.mass.edu
Shetler Timothy 617-427-0060 x5141 Humanities   tshetler@rcc.mass.edu
Sims Hillel 857-701-1501 STEM 3-401F hsims@rcc.mass.edu
Smallwood-Young Wanda 857-701-1274 Enrollment 3-219C wsmallwood@rcc.mass.edu
Smock Jordan 857-701-1234 Marketing & Communications 3-353B jsmock@rcc.mass.edu
Soto Lisa 857-701-1224 Advising 1-301 lisa@rcc.mass.edu
Spencer Omesa 857-701-1602 The Center for Workforce Development 4-102 ospencer@rcc.mass.edu
Sremac Marinko 617-427-0060 x5229 STEM   msremac@rcc.mass.edu
St. Jules Coreen 857-701-1719 RLTAC   cstjules@rcc.mass.edu
Stieglitz Kimberly 857-701-1524 STEM 3-401C kastieglitz@rcc.mass.edu
Sucher Nikolaus 857-701-1525 STEM 3-501J nsucher@rcc.mass.edu
Sundaramoorthi Rajeswari 617-427-0060 x5232 STEM   rsundaramoorthi@rcc.mass.edu
Sweeney Carly 617-427-0060 x5167 Social Science 4-311 CSweeney@rcc.mass.edu
Sweeney Tom 617-427-0060 x5189 Business   tsweeney@rcc.mass.edu
Tabela Danielle 857-701-1405 Assessment 3-220A dtabela@rcc.mass.edu
Tamaccio Alice 617-427-0060 x5233 STEM   atamaccio@rcc.mass.edu
Tandy David 617-427-0060 x5234 Humanities   dtandy@rcc.mass.edu
Tang Phuong 857-701-1236 Marketing & Communications 3-353A ptang@rcc.mass.edu
Tangvik Kenneth   English/ESL   ktangvik@rcc.mass.edu
Taylor Malcolm 617-427-0060 x5235 STEM   mtaylor@rcc.mass.edu
Than Tin 857-701-1513 Science 3-405A TThan@rcc.mass.edu
Thoidis Georgia 617-427-0060 x5173 Science   GThoidis@rcc.mass.edu
Thorpe Darlene 857-701-1492 Nursing 4-317 dthorpe@rcc.mass.edu
Thrash Jennie 857-701-1421 Advising 3-424 jthrash@rcc.mass.edu
Townsell Jelani 857-701-1714 Student Life Athletics Office jtownsell@rcc.mass.edu
Updike David   English/ESL   dupdike@rcc.mass.edu
Uzogara Stella 617-427-0060 x5238 STEM   suzogara@rcc.mass.edu
Val Kandley 857-701-1207 Enrollment 3-219C kval@rcc.mass.edu
Venkatakrishnan Gita 617-427-0060 x5239 STEM   gvenkat@rcc.mass.edu
Vidal Victoria 857-701-1394 Library 3-213 vvidal@rcc.mass.edu
Wan-N'Tani Souliy 857-701-1464 Criminal Justice 3-437 swan@rcc.mass.edu
West Patricia 857-701-1294 Human Resources 3-455B PWest@rcc.mass.edu
White Robert 857-701-1673 Facilities 4-105D rwhite@rcc.mass.edu
Wilder Vermelle 617-427-0060 x5240 English/ESL   vwilder@rcc.mass.edu
Witt Taylor Malcom 617-427-0060 x5235  STEM   mtaylor@rcc.mass.edu
Wong Phillip 617-427-0060 x5199 STEM   PWong@rcc.mass.edu
Woodson Donna 617-427-0060 x5241 Early Childhood Education   dwoodson@rcc.mass.edu
Wright Jason 857-701-1242 Data Analytics 3-414 jwright@rcc.mass.edu
Zama Nunotte 857-701-1465 Criminal Justice 3-430 nzama@rcc.mass.edu
Ziemann Joshua 857-701-1128 Social Science 1-308 JZiemann@rcc.mass.edu