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High School Equivalency Testing (formerly GED®)

In 2014, Massachusetts and other states replaced the GED® exam with a new test, the HiSET.
Those who take and pass all five sections of the HiSET earn a Massachusetts High School Equivalency Diploma.

To view testing requirements for Massachusetts, visit the High School Equivalency page of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: www.doe.mass.edu/hse.

All HiSet registration must be done on the HiSET website: http://www.hiset.ets.org/.

High School Equivalency Preparation Classes

RCC offers HiSET preparation through the office of Lifelong Learning. Classes are offered in either English or Spanish. 



There are also many free local HiSET prep programs. Click here for a list.

GED Transcripts
As of August 18th, 2014, Massachusetts GED transcripts (for individuals who passed the GED exam anywhere in Massachusetts 1969—2013) are available only through the Diploma Sender company.

Official transcripts and diplomas for those who have passed the HiSet exams (March 2014—present) are also delivered by Diploma Sender.

Test centers such as RCC are no longer able to provide GED transcripts.

Diploma Sender website: https://www.diplomasender.com/

Any questions about this procedure can be directed to the High School Equivalency Office at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: http://www.doe.mass.edu/hse/contact.html.

Contact the Testing Department
Email: testing@rcc.mass.edu 
Phone: 617-708-3628    
Fax: 617-933-7424
Office: Student Center, Building 4, Room 102

TTY/TDD users: Massachusetts Relay Service or dial 711