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For more information, contact:
Joyce Atkinson
Coordinator of Learning Resources
Academic Building, Room 205A
(617) 933-7403

New Roxbury Community College students are required to take an Assessment/Placement Test to determine the appropriate course level at which to begin their studies. The Placement Test is used to evaluate students' skills level in English, Math and Science and identify academic strengths and needs. Students do not receive a "passing" or "failing" grade for these tests.

The College Placement Test takes 2 to 3 hours. It consists of four sections: Math, Writing, Reading, and Science.

Non-native speakers with limited English proficiency will take an untimed assessment consisting of a writing test and a multiple choice test. Students who place into the most advanced levels of English as a Second Language courses are also eligible to take the RCC Math Placement exam.

Students who place into lower level courses will be referred to the Office of Corporate and Community Education for the Community ESL Program.

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For Students Needing Accommodations

Students who have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability and need academic accommodations must register with the Coordinator of Disability Services, Linda O'Connor. Please contact her in Room 207C in the Academic Building; email:loconnor@rcc.mass.edu

Students whose disability impairs them from completing a timed test in the allotted time will be given extended time or reasonable accommodations to assist them in completing the exams. Evaluation of the placement test is based on skill knowledge and not ability to physically complete the test.

Copies of Placement Test Results

We retain Placement Test records for up to 3 years. If you need a copy of your RCC Placement Test results forwarded to another institution, you can:

  • email us at testing@rcc.mass.edu. Please include your RCC Student ID number, your full name, and directions for where you would like the results to be sent.
  • call the RCC Testing Department at 617-708-3628.

Placement Test Results From Other Schools

RCC uses some sections of the ACCUPLACER™ test for College Placement (Reading Comprehension, Algebra, Arithmetic, and College Level Math).

If you have taken these sections of the ACCUPLACER™ at another institution within the past three years, you may submit your results to the RCC Testing Department, and you will not be required to repeat those sections (unless you wish to retest).

To submit a copy of your test results from another school, you can:

  • email them to us at testing@rcc.mass.edu
  • fax them to us at 617-933-7424
  • bring them with you to your testing appointment at RCC.

RCC uses its own Writing and Science tests, so new students generally need to take those exams before registering for courses.

Contact Information:

For additional information, contact the Testing Department: testing@rcc.mass.edu or 617-708-3628.

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