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Office Assistant/Administrative Assistant Training Program

Classes start on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  Class is held once a week, for 3 hours, starting at 6:00 pm.

Course cost:  $200.00

To view the program brochure, click here.

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In today's workplace, office and administrative assistants are often called-upon to be so much more than just front desk personnel who can answer phones and make copies. Successful office assistants must be willing and able to complete mail merges, design beautiful presentations, manage complex databases, complete online research, update websites, manage complex calendars, and much more.

In response to the set of skills now required by most companies when employing administrative and office assistants, Roxbury Community College has developed a complex training program. Through this program, students will learn how to use Microsoft Office Suite at an intermediate level, how to design and distribute branded marketing collateral, how to compose and distribute business letters, how to properly utilize cloud-based software, how to set-up and manage a social media presence, and much more. Although online assessments will be completed at the end of each session, the program will culminate with a final project which will require participants to show a mastery of all skills learned during the program.

Upon completing the program, participants will be qualified to work as office or administrative assistants in a variety of industries. Participants will also be equipped with a professional cover letter, a professional resume, and comprehensive interview strategies.


Program Schedule

Week 1

Microsoft Word

Week 2

Microsoft Excel

Week 3

Composing Business Letters & Mail Merge

Week 4

Microsoft PowerPoint

Week 5

Intro to Marketing & Communications – Basic concepts, designing flyers and emails

Week 6

Google Tools (Gmail, Google Forms, Google Drive, Google Calendar)

Week 7

Introduction to Database Technology and Data Management

Week 8

Front Desk Operations – How to manage a front desk while completing value-added work

Week 9

Intro to Coding (Training provided by Colaberry)

Week 10

Social Media – Setting up an account, best practices

Week 11

Job Readiness – Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Strategies + Review of Soft Skills

Week 12

Final Project                                                                                                               

Week 13

RCC Representatives: Admissions/ Financial Aid/ Project Access