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Payment in-full is required at the time of registration and all payments need to be in US dollars.  Roxbury Community College accepts the following payment methods: 

  • Personal checks/Money Orders: payable to Roxbury Community College 
  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex
  • Monthly payment plan: visit for enrollment information and to view the payment schedule.  Please note: failure to keep your payment plan current will result in a cancellation of your payment plan and you will be required to pay any balance in-full.  

Make a Payment

Student signing a form to enroll at RCC
Current students can make payment online by visiting
Former students can make payment over the phone using a credit/debit card, or in-person with a personal check, bank check, money order, or a credit/debit card. 
RCC will bill a third party on your behalf if official authorization is presented at the time of registration.  Students are required to pay any difference by the first day of class. 
If you would like to pay using the monthly payment plan option, visit
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