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Donate to the RCCF

Donate To The RCCF

Your support of the Roxbury Community College Foundation helps RCC provide students with scholarships, support services, academic program improvements, and more.  Donate to the RCCF to have an immediate impact on the lives of RCC students.  



Student celebrating at RCC graduation

Why Donate to RCC?

Our recent $72.5 million renovation project transformed the campus into an enviable learning environment for RCC students; however, maintaining and updating our facilities is a long-term commitment that is not fully funded by the state.  For example, the recent addition of the Center for Smart Building Technology was made possible almost entirely through grant and private funding.  Generous donations will allow us to continue updating our classrooms to meet or exceed industry standards.  

In any given year, over 60% of RCC students receive PELL grants.  Many RCC students do not qualify for federal funding and are therefore dependent on private scholarships or their income to cover their educational expenses.  Scholarship funding from the RCCF helps our students close the funding gap, minimizing or eliminating any out-of-pocket costs for their education. 
RCC offers educational and recreational programs for local youth and elders.  We’re also committed to expanding our role as a cultural and civic center for Roxbury residents. Donations allow us to increase community programming without using the state and tuition funds required for academic programs.  
Staying nimble and responsive to industry demands means developing new programs quickly, which comes with costs.  Donations from dedicated supporters like you fill the funding gaps, allowing RCC to continue meeting workforce needs.  
All donations (excluding event tickets with sponsorship benefits) are tax-deductible. 
Natalie Kaufman
“RCC has the capacity and support systems in place to help students complete their academic goals. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience I gained.”
Natalie Kaufman
Natalie Kaufman
AA in Health Careers ’20, Accepted to UMass Boston’s Accelerated BSN Program (Spring 2021)
Deborah Adesiji
“None of my friends at four-year schools have met with the Mayor of Boston, or sat down with the Governor, or attended a board meeting. I get all of these opportunities, a challenging classroom environment, and lots of extracurricular activities for the price of $4,000 a semester. I also feel like my college is my home away from home—I know that everyone in the building is here to support me.”
Deborah Adesiji
Deborah Adesiji
AA in English, '20

Your Support Is Our Lifeblood

RCC relies heavily on funding from public and private sources.  Individual donations and organizational grants are indispensable in helping RCC continue to momentum of progress and achievement.  Here’s what your contributions can accomplish: 


  • One full-time scholarship for an RCC student
  • One RCC Library subscription to an academic resource  


  • Coding class for 20 children 
  • Professional memberships for RCC students


  • Travel for one year, for one athletic team
  • Professional Development for faculty 


  • One computer lab 
  • Free community programs for one month 


  • New program launch – support costs 
  • New smartboards for RCC classrooms


  • Art across the campus 
  • Anatomage Table (real 3-D anatomy systems)


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