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Handshake – Students/Alumni

Handshake is the ultimate career network and recruiting platform for college students and alumni. As a Roxbury Community College student, you can build your profile on handshake and be connected to hundreds of top employers and jobs, attend Career Fairs, and connect with Career Services.


How to Use Handshake

STEP 1: Create An Account

You might have a link to Handshake from the email your Career Services Center sent you.  If you don’t have that email, or you’re an Alumni, visit Sign up with your Roxbury Community College student email.

STEP 2: Complete Your Profile

Completing your profile is the best way to get employers to contact you. Make sure your work experience, education, skills, and interests are filled out.

Tip: Completing your Job Type, Location, and Roles is the most important part of your profile

handshake sample1


STEP 3: Discover and Apply for Jobs 

Select Jobs on the top bar and then filter based on the type of job you are looking for

handshake sample2



For more information on Handshake and how to complete your profile, please watch the tutorial and/or review the powerpoint below.

Handshake Tutorial Video and Powerpoint Coming Soon


How does Handshake use my personal information and is it safe?
Click here to read the Handshake privacy policy.

Do I have to use my Roxbury Community College email to sign up?
Yes! You will have to use your RCC email to get access to Handshake. If you don’t know how to access your RCC email, please go HERE for help. If you have logged into your RCC email before but aren’t able to reset your password, email for help.

Can I use Handshake on my phone?
Yes! Download the Handshake App from the App Store or Google Play, to search and apply to jobs right from your phone. You’ll also be notified when you receive a message from an employer, be first to see new job postings, and can apply to jobs in two clicks with Quick Apply. 

Why do I need to fill out my Handshake Profile?
Your profile is the key to finding a job or internship on Handshake. When you fill out your profile

  • Handshake gives you personalized job recommendations based on the information you provide on your profile—so you can find jobs and internships that are right for you.
  • You increase your chances of having a recruiter message you directly with job opportunities and event invitations. In fact, 80% of students who fill out their profile receive a message from a recruiter

How can I stop receiving the Q&A digest emails?
Students can unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails

How do I reset my Handshake password?
Go to the Handshake sign in page, enter your RCC email address and click, “forgot your password.” An email will be sent to your RCC email address with instructions for resetting your password.

Where can I get help if I have more questions about Handshake?
The first place you can get a wealth of information is on the Handshake website. Click here to go to the Handshake Help Center.