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Microsoft Imagine

RCC Free Software Download - for S.T.E.M. students

The Information Technology Services Department (ITS), through an agreement with the Microsoft Corporation, is offering free software downloads to Roxbury Community College students. The program is called Microsoft Imagine, and is managed by Microsoft partner Kivuto (also known as e-Academy). Following the end of each new semester’s add/drop date, ITS will upload current student e-mail accounts to Kivuto’s website ( This completes the registration process with Kivuto, and you only need to activate your account at that point. Kivuto sends you an e-mail from with links to access their website. We recommend that you respond to that notification and activate your account immediately. Upon activation, you can choose a password and continue with your download. Any activated account stays active for one year, and if you download any software, Kivuto will provide support for downloaded products or lost product keys for up to two years after your download date.

RCC Microsoft Imagine  Premium

S.T.E.M. students qualify for Microsoft Imagine Premium, which is a collection of over 150 Microsoft software titles. S.T.E.M. faculty and students are authorized to use this program. Some of the software titles included are:

  • Windows 8
  • Visio
  • Access
  • Visual Studio
  • Project

Please note the number of software applications and the titles may change at any time. Click here to see a current and complete list of software application titles available through Microsoft Imagine Premium.

RCC Microsoft Imagine Standard

All other RCC current students and faculty qualify for Microsoft Imagine Standard, which is a collection of over 30 Microsoft software titles. Some of the software titles included are:

  • Expression Studio
  • Mathematics
  • Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac
  • AutoCollage
  • XNA Game Studio

Please note the number of software applications and the titles may change at any time. Click here to see a current and complete list of software application titles available through Microsoft Imagine Standard. Microsoft Office is not part of either program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I previously had access to my account, but I can’t get in now.
Answer: Students who dropped out of their classes will be removed from either Premium or Standard programs.If you are a current student and have problems activating your account, stop by the ITS office (3-333) before the end of the semester, and our front desk staff will provide assistance.

Q: I am activating my account late in this semester and the activation link is not working.
A: Please stop by ITS office (room 3-333) or contact us via e-mail and we will send you a new activation link, as long as you are a current student or faculty member at RCC.

Q: Can non-S.T.E.M. students get access to the additional software offered under Microsoft Imagine Premium?
A: No. Only students who have matriculated into one of the S.T.E.M. programs at RCC can download from the Microsoft Imagine Premium site.

Q: I have not received a notification to access the service.
A: Notifications are automated and are sent out by Microsoft’s distributor, Kivuto (a.k.a: e-Academy) to your student or faculty e-mail accounts if you arecurrently enrolled or teaching. If you are a student, please make sure you log into your e-mail account. If you are a faculty member, make sure you have a valid RCC e-mail account on record in Jenzabar.

Q: When does my account expire?
A: Student accounts will expire one year from the date they were created. Faculty accounts will be valid for three years or until they permanently leave the college.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: When you activate your account, you will be given an opportunity to set your password.If you have already set your initial password, log in and click on Your Account link at the top menu. Then select Change Password.If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Your Password link on the sign in page.

Q: How do I get help?
A: See Help Topics under the Help link at the top right of the Welcome page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, contact

Q: I have a problem installing downloaded software on my laptop. Could ITS help?
A: ITS does not provide support for students’ personal laptops. We help students with their personal computers only if they have problem connecting to our wireless network.

Q: I have problem downloading software. Can ITS help?
A: Contact Kivuto support at for software download or product key issues.