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Black History Month

Black History Month

Roxbury Community College at the beginning (before campus construction at 1234 Columbus Avenue) and during a recent Commencement
Looking at RCC's Campus from Columbus Avenue

Established in 1973, Roxbury Community College is the response to a demand for accessible higher education in Roxbury and the surrounding neighborhoods in Boston. Since opening, the college has served a diverse urban population, offering affordable education and career training opportunities to residents of Roxbury and surrounding areas.

Throughout its history, RCC has been committed to providing educational pathways for traditionally underserved populations, including minority students, low-income individuals, and first-generation college students. RCC has also been active in community engagement and outreach initiatives, partnering with local organizations and businesses to support economic development and educational advancement in the Roxbury area. The college has undergone various expansions and renovations over the years to accommodate its growing student body and enhance its facilities.

Over the past 50 years, RCC has made its own mark in the history of Black Boston, as the only Predominately Black Institution in the New England area. We have educated some of the country’s greatest minds, many of whom now work and teach on campus and hosted. We have hosted many dignitaries with a goal of improving the lives of our community members. Our recent Pioneer project is one example of how we honor and celebrate the legacy of those who were pivotal in this college, becoming what it is today.

RCC remains an important institution in the Boston area, dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and academic excellence in higher education. Although the college does not need to be prompted to embrace and honor history, the month of February is an opportunity to reconcile with the past, pave the way for future innovation, and celebrate all the amazing figures who have made an indelible mark in Black History in the United States.

While it is important to understand and uplift the experiences of the Black community every single day, we understand it is also helpful to have somewhere to start. From film screenings to wellness workshops, RCC is hosting several Black History events throughout the month of February.

Visit our calendar for details. We welcome you to bring your family and friends to campus!

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