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RCC Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Sarah-Ann Shaw

RCC Celebrates the Life and Legacy of Sarah-Ann Shaw

Sarah-Ann Shaw
Lifelong resident of Roxbury and tireless advocate for RCC, Sarah-Ann Shaw

The Roxbury Community College (RCC) Community mourns the passing of Sarah-Ann Shaw, a lifelong resident of Roxbury and a tireless advocate for RCC. In recent years, RCC has twice honored Shaw for contributions to the College and community at large, recognizing her as a Legend of Roxbury in 2020 and one of RCC’s 50 Pioneers in 2023.

Sarah-Ann Shaw knew from an early age that she wanted to make a difference. That young girl with a vision became the first black woman reporter at WBZ Channel 4 and a pioneering woman in the field of broadcast media. Still, what this incredible woman will be most remembered for is her commitment to highlighting Boston, and especially Roxbury, at its best. Throughout her career, Shaw covered a wide range of daily news stories and developed special reports that illustrated positive contributions made by Black, Asian, and Latino residents of Massachusetts. Her stories provided positive images of urban life while giving balance to those most often underrepresented by media outlets.

“Sarah-Ann Shaw was a role model for us all, demonstrating how to live a life of purpose, commitment, high expectations and love of family, community, and society,” said RCC Interim President Jackie Jenkins-Scott. “She believed that we all have a duty to contribute our talents to the betterment of the community. Although she will be missed, her legacy will live with us always.”

In addition to serving as one of the driving forces in bringing the real stories of Roxbury and RCC to light in the media, Shaw was a strong advocate for RCC’s Broadcast Media Technology (BMT) program. She visited classes many times to speak with students and take part in panel discussions. She also provided scholarships for students (through the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association) and served on the advisory board for the BMT Program.

Through her coverage of RCC and support of our BMT program, Sarah-Ann Shaw gave RCC credibility. Shaw’s contributions to the College and the community will inspire the RCC community for years to come.

Watch Legends of Roxbury: A Celebration of Black Women in Broadcast Media to learn more about Sarah-Ann Shaw’s exceptional career.

Learn more about RCC’s 50 Pioneers Project.

collage of images with Sarah-Ann Shaw at Roxbury Community College over the years

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