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Request to Appeal

Roxbury Community College’s refund policy states a student can drop classes before the end of the Add/Drop period without a penalty or charge. Students are responsible for full payment of charges on any withdrawn courses after the Add/Drop period.

Requesting an exception to the College’s refund policy

Students can request an exception to the refund policy by submitting a written appeal to the Business Office at Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Requests will not be considered for issues relating to course dissatisfaction, earned grade or inability to pay as determined after the Add/Drop Date. Valid requests pertain to those where it can be determined there was administrative error on the part of the college or other extreme circumstance outside of the control of the student. An Appeal should contain enough information to allow an examination of all pertinent facts and should include any supporting documentation that will strengthen the request. If your appeal request includes supporting documentation, please attach it to email.



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