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How to apply for a bookstore charge

  1. Enroll in your classes
  2. Log into MyRCC – (figure 1)
    If you do not remember your log in click on “start here” on the far left, enter your information and retrieve all log in information for RCC it systems.
  3. Look up the price of your books (Textbook and Course Materials on left)
    • Make a shopping cart – much like on Amazon!
    • Use new prices, as the bookstore may be out of used copies, any funds not used, will be refunded.
    • You should not submit the shopping cart, but if you do this and print it out it will make checkout go much faster in the bookstore!
  4. Click on the Financial Aid tab (between the two yellow bars)
  5. Figure 1
    MyRCC fig1

  6. The bookstore charge request is just below the information about withdrawing from class (figure 2)
  7. Figure 2
    MyRCC fig2

  8. Answer all questions
  9. Read carefully to understand the agreement. Type in your name or initials and click the submit button.
  10. We will receive your request electronically.

Once we have confirmed that:

    • Your financial aid is in good standing
    • Your aid is sufficient to cover the cost of the bookstore charge request

We will approve it and send your information to the bookstore electronically. You will receive an email confirmation when it is available in the bookstore to use.

    • If you do not have the full amount requested available, your bookstore charge will be reduced. The Office of Financial Aid cannot accurately determine each students bill, as we are unable see things such as past due balances or lab fees, we do our best to estimate, but students are responsible for any amount requested.
    • We complete bookstore credits daily during the week, but you should wait for the confirmation before going to the bookstore. This is usually received within one business day of submission.
    • You must take your student ID to the bookstore to pick up your books. Taking a print out of the shopping cart you created when calculating the cost of your books helps the bookstore line run smoother and faster.