workforce development

Workforce Development

Occupations in the Field of Medicine and Healthcare

Roxbury Community College has partnered with Career Step, an online school offering career-focused education designed to help students quickly enter the workforce. Career Step is committed to providing the best online education experience by incorporating interactive learning tools such as hands-on practice, videos, games, forums, and chat rooms into its curriculum. Students also have one-on-one access to instructors who have years of experience actually working in the positions students are training for. After graduation, students have access to comprehensive graduate resources such as resume reviews, interview tips and tutorials, and new job opening notifications to help them successfully transition from education to employment.

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Speak to a Career Advisor today to determine the best career program for you. 877-225-7151.

Enrollment for Online Courses through RCC is ongoing. Students are offered the flexibility to start these programs at a time convenient for them. Students who wish to take online courses should be motivated self-learners, self-directed, and familiar with using computers.

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