COVID-19 Vaccination Required for in-person classes and services beginning January, 2022. Click here to learn more.

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B Together Policy – Reggie Lewis Center

The City of Boston has announced that effective January 15, 2022 there will be a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for certain indoor spaces, known as B Together. Based on consultation with the Boston Public Health Commission, the applicability of theB Togetherpolicy at high school track meets is as follows:

The B Together policy DOES NOT APPLY to high school athletes participating in meets. High school athletes remain subject to the COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols established by each league and school. Leagues remain responsible for ensuring their athletes adhere to established guidelines. Officials and coaches are also subject to school and league guidelines.

All spectators must adhere to the City of Boston’s B Together policy. As stated at the start of the track season, each league is responsible for ensuring that spectators adhere to COVID-19 safety measures. Accordingly, if you plan to allow spectators at your meets, your league is responsible for checking the COVID-19 vaccination status of each spectator consistent with Boston’s requirements which differ based on the age of the spectator and the date of the event.

If you plan to allow spectators at your meets, please thoroughly review the B Together policy on the City of Boston website. In keeping with Boston’s requirements, we encourage you to accept the following as proof of vaccination:

  • a CDC vaccination card;
  • a digital image of your CDC card; 
  • an image or printout of any official immunization record; 
  • a City-designated app containing a digital image of official immunization record; or, 
  • another COVID-19 vaccine verification app, including the Clear Health Pass, Common Pass, Key to NYC (Android | iOS), VaxYes, IATA Travel Pass, and the Excelsior Pass.

Through mid-March 2022, the Center will be open exclusively for track meets and RCC basketball games. Spectators at all events must adhere to the B Together policy. Please note that RCC employees and students are adhering to the Massachusetts Community College COVID-19 vaccine policy.

Note also that the indoor mask requirement, which is mandated by the City of Boston, the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and RCC will continue to be enforced in all RCC buildings.

Questions or concerns about adherence to the B Together policy at the Center can be addressed to Executive Vice President Pamela Lomax Questions about track meets should be sent to Sherman Hart at

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation with Boston’s new requirements.