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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Roxbury Community College is proud to offer a comprehensive Criminal Justice Program. Our program provides students with an academic foundation in Criminal justice and fundamental knowledge on sociological and behavioral sciences. The curriculum is designed to foster an understanding of how the criminal justice system operates in the world around us, and challenges students to examine their own perspectives and ideologies as they prepare to enter into the field.  Students choosing this concentration will receive more than just an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree, but a robust education in which they receive textual and real life understanding of the intricacies of the criminal justice program, mentorship from our staff and partners in the legal field, and guidance as they embark in the next steps of their career within criminal justice. RCC’s criminal justice system incorporates the college’s commitment to cultural education, emphasizes the importance of strengthening the community, and providing the leaders of tomorrow with the education and resources to make a positive impact. 

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Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2022 Credits
ACS102 The College Experience 3.00
CJP100 Intro to Criminal Justice 3.00
ENG101 English Comp. I 3.00
IST120 or CIS141: Microcomp Apps 3.00
MAT100+ MAT 100 or higher 3.00
Semester Two - Spring 2023 Credits
CJP120 Criminal Law 3.00
CJP130 Law Enforcement 3.00
ENG102 English Comp. II 3.00
SSI119 Intro to US Gov't 3.00
SSI122 General Psychology 3.00
SSI123 Intro to Sociology 3.00
Semester Three - Fall 2023
CJP110 Intro to Criminology 3.00
CJP140 Criminal Court Process 3.00
CJP210 Correctional Institutions 3.00
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
SCIELECT Lab Sci Elec See Hrs/Rec 4.00
Semester Four - Spring 2024
CJP200 Constitutional Law 3.00
CJPELECT Criminal Justice Elective 3.00
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
SSIELECT Social Science Electives 3.00
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