Health Careers

Health Careers

The Health Careers concentration integrates a strong core of science courses with a broad-based liberal arts curriculum to prepare qualified students at RCC for transfer to nursing or a Bachelor of Science degree program in health science. Located in the hub of research hospitals and healthcare institutes, RCC is the ideal place to jumpstart a career in health care or to change career paths through this highly rewarding and cost-efficient program. Students might work directly with patients or find a health professional position in the health care industry – it all begins with training at RCC. 

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Course Requirements

Semester One - Fall 2023 Credits
Semester Two - Spring 2024 Credits
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
OPENELEC Open Electives 3.00
OPENELEC Open Electives 3.00
SCI202 Anat/Phys II w/LAB 4.00
SCI204 Microbiology w/LAB 4.00
Semester Three - Fall 2024
HUMELECT Humanities Electives 3.00
SCI122 Survey of Chem II w/LAB 3.00
SCI201 Anat/Phys I w/LAB 4.00
SSI209 Human Growth & Dev. 3.00
SSIELECT Social Science Electives 3.00
Semester Four - Spring 2025
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